Blokada is a compact app that transparently blocks unwanted content like ads, tracking, malware and other annoyances. Just turn it on, and it will do the job silently!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Blokada simply blocks any requests towards blacklisted hosts defined in filters. It means that your device will not even try to download unwanted content, saving both your data plan and battery life. Filters are updated automatically and contain hosts known for serving ads, tracking, spam, malware, and other unwanted or dangerous content. You can configure Blokada with your own custom filters and whitelists.

Can Blokada see my private content?
No. Blokada does not read or tamper with your private information. Blokada only monitors which hosts your device is making requests towards and blocks the ones matching the filters. Every time Blokada blocks anything, you will see a notification (which you can turn off). Blokada has no access to your encrypted trafic.

Is Blokada battery efficient?
Yes. We are putting great effort to minimise the battery impact, and on most new devices, especially on Marshmallow (Android 6) or newer, you will see minimal to no battery drain. However, because of limitations on older Android versions and device fragmentation, KitKat (Android 4) users in particular, as well as users with some unlucky devices may experience increased battery drain. Refer to our Devices Database for details. Your feedback may help us improve performance on your device!

Will Blokada slow down my device?
No. We put great care into making Blokada as efficient as possible. In fact, both your device's performance and battery life may visibly improve, because Blokada saves your device from downloading and processing content you don't need or care about. However, users with some unlucky (older) devices may experience performance drop. Refer to our Devices Database for details, and give us feedback about your experience, so we can improve it!

How do I report a problem?
If you are experiencing problems, just choose the Report a bug option from the menu in top right corner. Alternatively, create an issue in our issue tracker. You can also comment on any existing issues - the more information we get, the sooner we can fix the problem. Make sure to mention your device model and Android version. Finally, you could just send us an email to