This is v3 only changelog. For the newer versions see here.

Blokada v3.7 (February 19th, 2019)

This is a maintenance release with a fix for some reported problems with connectivity.

  • Fix #284 traffic is blocked on some WiFi networks
  • Add support for DNS port (by ant9000)
  • Add a switch for DNS address fallback
  • Fix #323 Add a switch for reporting and sending logs
  • Merge #325 QS Tile long press
  • Merge #288 basic IPv6 support
  • Update translations

Blokada v3.6 (October 11th, 2018)

This is a maintenance release with a rewrite of tunnel code for robustness and stability.

  • Improve general tunnel stability
  • Rewrite of tunnel code for more predictable behaviour
  • Improve reliability of the new filters handling code from v3.5
  • Decrease data usage by downloading only lists which have too old cache
  • Add new Advanced Settings screen
  • Add a setting to prevent the system to stop Blokada when power saving
  • Add a setting for "only on wifi" for list updates
  • The "Online Only" setting is now called "Watchdog" and is off by default
  • Ask for storage permissions when exporting settings to external storage
  • Update translations

Blokada v3.5 (June 20th, 2018)

This is a maintenance release with a rewrite of filter handling code for robustness and stability.

  • Rewrite of filters code using Kotlin coroutines for more predictable concurrency
  • More granular caching (lists are now cached independently for avoiding unnecessary downloads)
  • Fix #170 Blacklist can get reset after reboot
  • Fix #185 Whitelist ignored in some scenarios
  • Fix #180 Detect freshly installed apps
  • Fix #144 import / export settings to external storage
  • Increase logcat size for better debugging
  • Update translations

Blokada v3.4 (May 10th, 2018)

This is a maintenance release with stability improvements and bugfixes.

  • Fix #196 crash when opening
  • Fix some other crashes from bug reports
  • Rework versioning (no version.gradle) to simplify builds
  • Remove library dependency to simplify builds
  • Lower the limit for ACRA bug reports

Blokada v3.3 (April 19th, 2018)

This is a maintenance release with stability improvements and bugfixes. New ACRA bug reporting is introduced in order to simplify the process and remove non-free dependencies.

  • Add languages: cs_CZ, it_IT, pt_BR, zh_TW, id_ID, nb_NO, zh_CN
  • Fix #169 Locale handling doesn't work for some corner cases
  • Fix #176 default filters come back after I delete them
  • Fix #177 blokada wont let to add new tlds like .digital
  • Fix #171 no dot in IP address field
  • Add ACRA for bug reporting
  • Remove Google Play Services, Crashlytics
  • Dont show dialogs again even if Continue was not clicked

Blokada v3.2 (April 4th, 2018)

This is a maintenance release focusing on stability and performance.

  • Refactor filters and welcome flow for lower memory use
  • Refactor core for performance and reliability
  • Refactor filter cache loading for performance
  • Add restart on crash for app resiliency
  • Fix Start on Boot
  • Fix ads counter persistence (old counter is back)
  • Improve logging and log sharing
  • Change icon to the refreshed shield (non-adaptive)
  • Introduce Beta Channel for Blokada Insiders
  • Fix #149 in-app updater problems
  • Make blacklist / whitelist / dns refresh Quick Action fetch new defaults (without overwriting custom settings)
  • Phase out Blokada Patron
  • Add Google Play Games to whitelist defaults
  • Migrate translations to Crowdin
  • Include translations from the new platform for: pl_PL hu_HU ru_RU es_ES hi_IN tr_TR fr_FR ms_MY uk_UA de_DE

Blokada v3.1.1 (March 21th, 2018)

This is a feature release introducing custom DNS servers and fixing several common problems. Please note that translations haven't been updated because of some issues with the currently used translation platform.

  • Introduce DNS servers configurability with built in defaults
  • Introduce Blokada DNS available on Google Play (without adblocking functionality)
  • Introduce log sharing for easier bug reporting (beta)
  • Fix a problem with too aggressive Wake Lock
  • Fix #126, problems with starting up when back online
  • Fix #102, can't add apps to whitelist
  • Decrease filter cache time to 1 day
  • Add more lists to defaults and change default blacklist to AdZHosts
  • Improve Help and intro screens (Peter)
  • Rework onboarding (welcome flow) to decrease the amount of dialog windows
  • Revert some design changes from v2

Blokada v3.0.0 (March 2nd, 2018)

This is the first stable v3 release with many important changes. Check the notes on preview versions below for detailed changelog. Additional changes:

  • Introduce "Chip In", a periodic Call to Action mechanism to engage the userbase and help make community decisions.

Blokada v3.0.0-preview2 (February 27th, 2018)

This is another preview of the 3.0.0 release with many important changes. It's mostly ready, however it's mostly meant for the translators to review their translations.

  • Fix KeepAlive to prevent Android from closing the app
  • Fix Start on Boot
  • Include (also partial) translations for: cs de es fr hu it ms nl pl ru zh_TW tr hr pt-BR pt-PT
  • Change chat platform to Telegram

Blokada v3.0.0-preview (February 20th, 2018)

This is a major release with many important changes. Please note it's a preview release, meaning you may want to wait for the next stable release. This release is English-only.

  • Introduce HTTPS to secure website, API and the update process
  • Drop support for Android 4
  • Introduce Blokada Patron
  • Introduce Blokada Chat with icon in the topbar
  • Introduce API v3 for simpler, unified and more flexible code
  • Simplify translations by removing superficial strings and pluralisation
  • Fix #64, whitelist constantly cleared
  • Fix #78, update and expand Help screen to answer the most common questions
  • Fix #84, add Coin Blocker list against Bitcoin mining
  • Fix #91, add Social filter to Blacklist
  • Fix #86, stop deactivating on hotspot
  • Fix #71, update website with F-Droid button
  • Fix #92, introduce adaptive launcher icon
  • Redo localisation to support dynamic language change (stage 1)
  • Refresh branding and improve contrast
  • Simplify Home screen by removing less important icons and putting them to top menu
  • Remove ability to edit home screen icons
  • Replace Bug Report and Feedback screens with simplified Feedback / Contact screen
  • Redo Welcome flow to be more informative and flexible
  • Update Donate, Contribute, and other information screens
  • Simplify Update screen
  • Introduce Changelog screen for a more clear release history
  • Introduce Open in Browser button for most web screens
  • Remove User Report and corresponding Default Whitelist
  • Simplify codebase (stage 1) by refactoring libraries and packages
  • Introduce gscore library as common app framework
  • Remove unused assets and resources to decrease app size
  • Minimise app threading to eliminate concurrency bugs (stage 1)

Blokada v2.2.3 adblocker for Android

This is a small maintenance release that fixes GPL compliance, updates translations and introduces several new languages:

  • Indonesian
  • Croatian
  • Hungarian
  • Russian
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)

Blokada v2.2.2 adblocker for Android

This is a maintenance release that fixes some problems discovered in 2.2:

  • Fix unnecessary reload web view for static pages
  • Always whitelist Google Play
  • Update translations