Blokada Patron

Who is a Patron?

Blokada Patron is an individual or organisation whose effort or contribution is particularly appreciated by the Blokada community. For a month, Patron can promote any content (criteria apply) to every Blokada user. A new Patron is chosen by the community once a month.

If you enjoy Blokada and want to support its development, becoming a Patron is a great way to do so!

How will my content be displayed?

Your content (a website, video, etc) will be prominently promoted in a screen displayed just after opening Blokada app. It is displayed once for every new user, and once after every app update. This guarantees that every impression is having user attention.

What are the criteria?

  • Your website cannot contain any content deemed unsuitable by the Blokada community.
  • Your website cannot be visually obtrusive, bloated or load slowly.
  • Consider the fact Blokada community does not like advertisement. You should generally only promote products and services for good cause and/or beneficial for the community.
  • You must have made a sizeable contribution towards Blokada development. It can be a donation, code contribution, free services offered for the community, or else. It's the Blokada community who decides in the end, by voting, whether your contribution fulfills the criteria.

How to apply?

  1. Apply using the link at the top.
  2. You will get a response promptly.
  3. If accepted, your application will be included in the next voting of the Blokada community.
  4. Blokada users vote for new Patron once a month. If you win the vote, you will be contacted!