Supporting Blokada

Blokada ad blocker is free and open source, so it needs your support to survive. A bit of your time can go a long way in securing the future of this app. Please consider one of the following ways to get involved:


The easiest yet very important way to help is to share Blokada with others. You can link it to your friends, tweet, write a blog post, make a review, create a how-to video - anything you can think of that is going to help Blokada become more popular is very valuable! Please let us know about the content you create - we're going to link back!

Contribute code

If you are a coder, there're plenty of feature ideas on our forum waiting to be implemented. Please contact us to get introduced into the codebase. We'll help you guide you through your first contribution!


You can either translate Blokada to a new language or improve existing translations. It's very straightforward! You'll find details here.


If you like the app and would like to support the development, please consider donating it. Visit our donation site to read about the possible ways.