Android 用的最佳廣告阻擋器。免費和開放原始碼

Blokada 廣告阻擋器

Blokada 有效率的阻擋廣告、追蹤和惡意軟體。它節省您的數據方案,使您的裝置更快,並保護您的隱私。這是免費、開放原始碼和安全的。

Blokada 的作法不只用於瀏覽器,還適用於所有的應用程式。它不需要 root ,同時也支援 wifi 和行動網路,而且絕對的安全和簡單易用。只要打開它,它就會默默地做這項工作!


This app actually works. Very powerful ad blocker. Loved it


I've been using this for a few days now. The #1 thing is, it's battery efficient. I keep it running all day and I don't worry about it sucking my battery, it's also super effective. Cuts many ads and I now have a much more enjoyable experience using chrome instead of having to use Firefox with an ad blocker extension.


This is the best ad blocker and actually work. Must try this app 😉


Update: Umm what an update... Battery is stellar.. Amazing.. I don't see a battery sacrifice anymore.. This is just wow.. Don't change whatever u did. And make sure it doesn't break in the next/upcoming updates.


Good app, just needs more features and options.


This is the best VPN/DNS based ad-block right now. The latest update solves some important issues and brings it ahead of the competition.


I think blokada is the best app for ad blocking. Simple. Easier. Fast. Cool designed.


Seems to work okay, but it deactivates my VPN I use for simulating other country/ipaddress. And of course when I activate my VPN it deactivates blokada 🤔


It blocked 600 ads on my kindle (yes I have a lot of ads) within 3 minutes...well done indeed.


Great ad blocker, and what I also like is that it's maintaned by the developer. It just works, is all I can say ☺

下載 Blokada

首先,您需要將您的裝置組態為,允許在 Google Play 商店之外安裝應用程式(允許不明的來源)。按這裡看短片教學。然後,只需點觸下方的按鈕:

下載 Blokada

下載 Blokada (Android 4)

注意:Blokada 不被允許在 Google Play 商店上架,因為它會妨礙 Google 的商業模式。如果遇到任何問題,請與我們聯絡。如果由於某些原因,您不想使用推薦的方式,可以在下方列出的應用程式商店中,挑一個最適合您的以取得 Blokada。

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Blokada 由您創造

Blokada 是一個開放原始碼專案,這就表示您可以確定它一直是免費的、能安全的使用、沒有任何隱藏的事項。我們相信,這是唯一正確的方法去開發,讓您可以信任的廣告阻擋器。

然而,開發像 Blokada 這樣優秀的應用程式,需要相當多數量的資源。這個專案的存在,得感謝於像您這樣棒的人來支持!



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